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Today’s Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper PDF Download is one of the best Bengali Newspaper in India. In this page readers can find Anandabazar Patrika epaper Pdf Download links.

আজকের আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা সংবাদপত্র পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড ভারতের সেরা বাংলা সংবাদপত্রগুলির মধ্যে একটি। এই পৃষ্ঠায় পাঠকরা আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা পত্রিকা পিডিএফ লিঙ্কগুলি ডাউনলোড করতে পারেন।

About Anandabazar Patrika epaper PDF

Hello readers, we are providing Anandabazar Patrika epaper pdf google drive link daily which are freely available on internet. Who want to download Anandabazar Patrika newspaper pdf google drive file date wise which we given at the end of this post. Readers download today’s Anandabazar Patrika newspaper 2020 and read it on your mobile or pc offline. We had provided adfree Anandabazar Patrika google drive newspaper regularly.

Category Daily Bengali newspaper
Location West Bengal
Owner ABP Group
Editor Anirban Chattopadhyay
Editor-in-chief Arup Sarkar
Founded 13 March 1922
published Language Bengali
Headquarters 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Kolkata-700001
Circulation 1,101,709 Daily
Sister newspapers The TelegraphEbela

Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper

Anandabazar Patrika epaper PDF History

  • Anandabazar Patrika is a daily Bengali language Newspaper of West Bengal, India.
  • It is circulation inKolkataNew DelhiMumbai and Silchar by the ABP Group.
  • According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, it has a circulation of 1 million copiesas of Jan−Jun 2016. Presently, the newspaper is edited by Anirban Chattopadhyay after Aveek Sarkar resigned.
  • Its main competitors are BartamanSangbad Pratidin, and Ei Samay. This is the Most selling Newspaper in that particular area.
  • Anandabazar Patrika was published in 1876in a small village of Magura at Jessore District in British India (now Bangladesh).

How to download Anandabazar Patrika Epaper PDF?

We are daily upload Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper PDF which is absolutely free to download the Anandabazar Patrika Epaper PDF File. Scroll down the page and find out the download link by date wise of Anandabazar Patrika Epape.

When do I get Anandabazar Patrika Epaper pdf?

You can get Anandabazar Patrika Bengali Newspaper pdf link is available in the morning between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. If there any technical issue please comment below.

Why should you read Anandabazar Patrika epaper pdf?

Anandabazar Patrika newspaper differentiates between news and opinionsAnandabazar Patrika Bengali news paper gives priority to areas of national concern & local issues. If you want to read whole newspaper it takes more time, you have to read it in smart way. By reading daily Anandabazar Patrika (Anandabazar Patrika Bengali) gradually your vocabulary & communication skills will improve.

Anandabazar Patrika ePaper PDF google Drive

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  1. Debaki nandan sarkar

    Today’s that is 1st April 2020 the intenet edition of Anandabazar Patrika is not clear and is very difficult to read. Please upload clear version of this edition.
    Debaki Nandan Sarkar

    1. Sorry, today’s pdf epaper not available. That’s way is is not clear. If pdf is available we will upload clear version. Be patient.

  2. Thank you for the copy. The quality today is very hazy. Looks like a JPEG converted to a PDF. Is there a better copy available?



  4. বিনয় রঞ্জন সাঁতরা

    রবিবাসরীয় (pdf) কী ভাবে download করা যাবে?

  5. Kundan Karmakar

    আপনারা প্রতিদিনের আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকার pdf version বের করার জন্য অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ, এই ব্যস্ত সময়ে প্রয়োজনীয়ও বটে, অনেকেরই সকালের চায়ের সাথে বসে কাগজ পড়া হয়ে ওঠে না, সেদিক থেকে ভাবলে এই উদ্যোগটি প্রশংসার দাবিদার। দয়াকরে আপনারা প্রতিদিনের pdf file টি upload করুন। আজকের পত্রিকার pdf টা দেন খুব উপকৃত হই।

  6. আপনারা প্রতিদিনের আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকার pdf version বের করার জন্য অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ, এই ব্যস্ত সময়ে প্রয়োজনীয়ও বটে, অনেকেরই সকালের চায়ের সাথে বসে কাগজ পড়া হয়ে ওঠে না, সেদিক থেকে ভাবলে এই উদ্যোগটি প্রশংসার দাবিদার। দয়াকরে আপনারা প্রতিদিনের pdf file টি upload করুন। আজকের পত্রিকার pdf টা দেন খুব উপকৃত হই।

  7. Md Ahasanul Islam

    Today’s Anandabazar patrika is not found in pdf files. Please upload anandabazar patrika in pdf as this patrika is very popular.
    With regards

  8. অরবিন্দ রায়

    আজকের (5.5.2020) আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা
    দিলে বাধিত হ’ব।।


      My humble request, would you please request the concerned official to upload Rabibasariya & Patrika of 31/5/2020 ?

  9. Debakinandan sarkar

    Nowadays you are not uploading the pdf file. If possible please upload the complete pdf file because this link which you are providing is already available in Ananda bazar patrika e website.

  10. অরবিন্দ রায়

    Sir, about half an hour elapsed, I ‘m waiting
    for to-days (09May,2020) paper

  11. Manas Kumar Das

    10ই মের পেপারটা আপলোড হয়নি। 9 ই মের পেপারটাই 10ই মে তে রিপিট করা হয়েছে। অনুগ্রহ করে আজকের (10ই মের ) পেপারটি আপলোড করুন। নমস্কার।।


  13. I did not find today’s Anandabazar Patrika, 14.05.2020.please upload the link so that I can get the pdf.

    With regards

  14. All english newspapers are available in pdf format around 7:00 am but Anandabazar patrika is not so. Even sometimes it is not available through out the day. So you are requested to give update at the proper time. It is my sincere request.

    1. Wait friend, today’s newspaper officially not uploaded, so once the official uploaded then we will upload.

  15. For the Anandabazar Patrika newspaper Sunday edition of 17th May – the additional supplements like Robibasriyo and another one are missing. Can you please add those. Thanks


    Is there any problem in uploading today’s newspaper? If so, a line of confirmation is highly solicited. Thanks & Regards.

  17. Is there any problem to upload the pdf of
    Anandabazar Patrika. If so, please write a
    line in this regard.

  18. Amit Kumar Pal

    Kindly arrange to upload pdf file of today’s i.e. 25th May, 2020 Anandabazar Patrika, as it’s not yet available as on 8AM

  19. Amit Kumar Pal

    1st page of today’s Anandabazar dated 26/05/2020 not yet uploaded, please see to it.

    Amit Kumar Pal


  21. There is not available pdf anandabazar patrika (dated 31.5.20)
    Pls upload it as early as possible… Thanks…

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