Bill Belichick reacts to Danny Amendola’s sudden retirement

Bill Belichick lauds former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola upon the announcement of his retirement. Danny Amendola has decided to hang up his cleats.

After 13 years in the National Football League, the former wide receiver for the New England Patriots made the announcement of his retirement on Monday. After being signed by the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 as an undrafted free agent, he went on to earn opportunities with the St. Louis Rams, Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and Houston Texans; however, the time he spent in Foxborough will be the period of his career that is most likely to be remembered.

Bill Belichick reacts to Danny Amendola’s sudden retirement

Bill Belichick reacts to Danny Amendola's sudden retirement

During his availability to the media on Tuesday morning, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick told reporters, “I love Danny.”

“He was an outstanding contributor to our team as a player. Had a lot of talent, played usually inside but could also play outside, could return kickoffs or punts, was extremely intelligent, tough, dependable, had wonderful hands, and was just an overall good football player. We are thankful to have had him here, as he unquestionably made a significant contribution to our efforts.”

Amendola participated in 163 NFL games, making 76 starts, and amassed 617 receptions, 6,212 receiving yards, and 24 touchdowns during his time in the league.

His longest tenure was spent in New England, where he excelled as a slot receiver and a member of the special teams, catching 230 passes for 2,383 yards and making a number of clutch plays that led to victories in the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons. His time in New England was the highlight of his career.

“Really dependable, very dependable. He had a hard exterior. He made a block. It has been a stroke of good fortune for us to have some strong competitors at that position “Belichick mentioned this while mentioning receivers such as Jakobi Meyers, Julian Edelman, Wes Welker, and Troy Brown.

“The players who have occupied that position have all had unique personalities, but they have all been productive, and they have all brought some of the same qualities that are common to the position of inside receiver. It has been a really productive place for us throughout the years, through a wide variety of plays, quarterbacks, play calls, and defences. We have had a lot of success there. We have had an incredible amount of good luck in terms of the players that we have had here, but Danny most certainly holds a prominent position among them.”

Amendola earned the nickname “Playoff Danny” because to his performance in the Patriots’ 13 postseason games, during which he recorded 57 receptions for 709 yards and six touchdowns, earning him a total of the nickname “Playoff Danny.”

It’s not bad for a player who came into the league undersized, undrafted, and who had been on two different practise squads before the Rams decided to give him a shot.

According to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN, Amendola said, “It was better than I could have ever anticipated.” Amendola, who is 36 years old, is reportedly ready to pursue other other interests.

In 2017, Amendola secured a contract with Ford Models. The previous year, Amendola was highlighted in Architectural Digest for his interest in interior design and to show off his one-of-a-kind home in Austin, Texas.

It is not unlikely that he will keep himself occupied with interests such as those, but it would not be surprising to see him follow in Edelman’s footsteps and start dipping his toes into the world of sports broadcasting.