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Hari Bhoomi epaper PDF Download: Hari Bhoomi is daily Hindi Newspaper is one of the newspaper in North and Central India. We are daily updating today’s Hari Bhoomi Newspaper PDF google Drive Link free of cost.

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Hari Bhoomi epaper PDF Free Download


Hari Bhoomi is a daily newspaper published in North and Central India. Established on 5 September 1996 as a weekly Hindi language newspaper, in November 1997, it was converted into a daily newspaper and was started in Haryana as the HariBhoomi ‘Rohtak’ edition. With this edition the newspaper covered news from the whole state of Haryana.

Hari Bhoomi ePaper PDF

The media group began the ‘Delhi’ edition in April 1998 to cover news from India’s capital, and the NCR region including Faridabad and Gurgaon. The group entered the Chhattisgarh in March 2001 and started Bilaspur Edition, after which it began its office in Bilaspur in June 2002 and its Raipur Edition began. With the Raipur Edition HariBhoomi also covers parts of Orissa.

Type Daily
Format Print, online
Publisher Captain Abhimanyu
Founded 5 September 1996; 23 years ago
Political alignment Right-wing
Language Hindi
City North and Central India
Country India
Website www.haribhoomi.com
Free online archives epaper.haribhoomi.com

HariBhoomi Jabalpur Edition in Madhya pradesh began in October 2008. Later same year HariBhoomi Raigarh Edition started in Chhattisgarh.

Circulation and readership

Edition Copies Daily
Total Circulation 9,26,648 copies circulating per day
Rohtak Edition 1,56,215 (ABC Jan – June. 2015 figures)
Raipur Edition 2,57,477 (ABC Jan – June. 2015 figures)
Raigarh Edition 25,418 (CA Certified Figures)
Jabalpur Edition 1,62,200 (RNI Certified Figures)
Delhi Edition 77,206 (CA Certified Figures)
Bilaspur Edition 1,65,878 (ABC Jan – June. 2015 figures)

How to download Hari Bhoomi Epaper PDF?We are daily uploading Hari Bhoomi Newspaper PDF which is absolutely free of cost to download Hari Bhoomi e-paper. Scroll down the page and find out the download link by date wise of Hari Bhoomi e-paper.

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readers can get Hari Bhoomi epaper pdf link in the morning between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. If there any technical issue please comment below.

Why should you read Hari Bhoomi epaper pdf?

Hari Bhoomi paper consisting of news and opinions section. Hari Bhoomi newspaper gives priority to areas of North and Central India issues. if you want to read whole todays Hari Bhoomi newspaper it may takes more time, you have to read it in a smart way. By reading daily Hari Bhoomi epaper gradually your vocabulary & communication skills will improve.

Important Notice for Copyright Issue:

We are not the owner of the Hari Bhoomi epaper , we are just sharing the pdf file of the epaper which is already freely available on the Internet. Therefore, we are just sharing the link only for Educational purposes Hari Bhoomi newspaper. If, anyone has any questions about violating the rules and regulation of Hari Bhoomi, please contact us. we are helping the poor students who are not able to effort to buy newspaper. our email address: nhanish123@gmail.com

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