ICC World Cup 2023 – Pak vs SA – Mickey gave another reason for Pakistan’s worst performance.

Cricket fans know Mickey Arthur as Pakistan team director.Whatever paper you see the day after the India-Pakistan match is mind-boggling.After making key comments about that match, Arthur became national news.Mickey has another explanation for Pakistan’s World Cup performance.

Former cricketers and fans are slamming Pakistan’s ODI World Cup performance.Maki cricketers hate Babar Azam’s team because they depend on other teams for semis.In addition, Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur’s comments are being trolled.

Arthur was criticized for his comments after losing to Team India in Ahmedabad.Mickey Arthur said the match was more like a BCCI than an ICC event.He claimed that Dil Dil didn’t play Pakistan’s song, which contributed to their loss.Arthur’s comments sparked memes and trolls.

ICC World Cup 2023

Mickey Arthur has made such comments again. Arthur thinks Pakistan’s performance is hurt by heavy security.Mickey Arthur said before the match against New Zealand that tight security is affecting their team.Arthur said the large number of security personnel prevents players from feeling free.They cannot go out and have fun, he said. This is not strengthening player bonds.

Mickey Arthur said many Pakistani players have never been to India. They want to see outside.
“Our heavy security is difficult. Security surrounds us. I struggle with it. We seem to have returned to Covid’s time. We shared one floor and room then. A very difficult thing”. Arthur stated.

Mickey Arthur thinks Pakistan’s World Cup performance is also due to not playing in the IPL.He said most players from other teams played in IPL.Thus, he believes they understand Indian pitches and conditions.Mickey Arthur said Pakistani players don’t understand the conditions here because they don’t play in the IPL.