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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings

We provided NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings is prepared by the best teachers across India. These NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings Solution includes detailed answers of all the questions in Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings provided in NCERT Book which is prescribed for Class 3 in CBSE school Books. This will help students to understand basic concepts better.

CBSE NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings Solutions

Organisation National Council of Educational Research and Training
Class Name 3rd Class
Subject Name EVS
Chapter Name Chapter 13
Content name Sharing Our Feelings
Category Name CBSE NCERT Solutions
Official Website

NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings Solution is given below

1. Seema’s father reads the newspaper aloud to her Nani. How do you help old people?
Ans. I help old people when I get a chance. I help my grandfather in searching his spectacles. I go with him for his evening walks.

2.What kind of problems do people have in old age?
Ans.People may face following problems in old age:
•They cannot see properly.
•”They cannot hear properly.
•They cannot eat properly.
•They have pain in their knees and other joints.

3.How does Ravi bhaiya come to know so many things without seeing?
Ans. Ravi bhaiya comes to know so many things by hearing. Blind people have very strong sense of hearing.

4.Have you ever needed a stick? When?
Ans. No, I have never needed a stick.

5.Cap you think when you may need a stick?
Ans. When we get a fracture or sprain in leg or when we have to climb a rock or a mountain.

6.How do we help those people who cannot see?
Ans.We can help visually challenged in following ways:
•By offering seat in buses.
•By helping them in climbing upstairs.
•By reading out news for them.

7.Is there any member in your family who cannot see, speak or hear? Do you know any such person? How do people help them with their work?
Ans. There is no such person in my family. There is a boy in my neighbourhood who cannot speak. He goes to the school for deaf and dumb.

8.Blindfold any one child in the group. One by one, the other children come to him or her quietly. The child who is blindfolded has to guess who the other child is, by touching him or her. Take care not to make any sound. Do you know why?
Ans. If someone makes a sound then the blindfolded child can recognise the voice.

Discuss and Tell
1.How many children could recognise the others by touching?

2.How many children could recognise the other children by only hearing them? Ans. Four.Which was easier of the two?
Ans.It was easier to recognise by hearing.

3.How many things can you recognise by only touching?
Ans. I can recognise cloth, glass, metal, wood, clay, etc. only by touching.

4.By just smelling can you guess if it is some person close to you or if it is some animal?
Ans. Yes, I can guess if it is an animal or a person by smelling.


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