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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 It’s Raining

We provided NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 It’s Raining is prepared by the best teachers across India. These NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 9 It’s Raining Solution includes detailed answers of all the questions in Chapter 9 It’s Raining provided in NCERT Book which is prescribed for Class 3 in CBSE school Books. This will help students to understand basic concepts better.

CBSE NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 9 It’s Raining Solutions

Organisation National Council of Educational Research and Training
Class Name 3rd Class
Subject Name EVS
Chapter Name Chapter 9
Content name It’s Raining
Category Name CBSE NCERT Solutions
Official Website

NCERT 3rd Class EVS Chapter 9 It’s Raining Solution is given below

1.What are utensils made of?
Ans. Steel, Iron, Copper, Glass, Bronze and Earth (earthen pots) etc.

2.Ask some elderly people what kinds of utensils were used earlier. What were they made of?
Ans. In earlier times utensils were bigger in size than they are today. There were beautiful carvings on them. They were made of bronze, brass and copper.

3.We do not cook all the things we eat. Find out which things we eat raw and which ones we cook before eating. Which are the things we eat both cooked and raw? Fill in the table given below.


4.Go tb the kitchen and observe something being cooked. What all was done to cook it? Write the sequence. Don’t forget to write the name of the item being cooked. Look at the notebook of your classmates and discuss in a group.
Ans.Name of the item: Rice
1.Take a bowl of rice grains.
2.Wash them with plain water.
3.Take about two glasses of water in a pan.
4.Put rice grains in the pan.
5.Boil on the stove.
6.Cook till rice is done.

5.Given below are different methods of cooking. Write the names of two things cooked by each of these methods. Add some more methods of cooking to the list and give examples too.


6.What is used to cook food in your house? Draw a picture in the notebook and write its name.

Make and Eat
1.Soak whole moong seeds overnight in the water. In the morning wrap the soaked moong in a wet cloth and cover it. Take it out after a day. Do you find any difference?
Ans. Yes, the moong seeds germinate after a day.
Add sliced onions, tomatoes, salt and lemon juice to the moong and mix. Share it with your classmates.

2.Which are the other things you can prepare without cooking? Write their names and the method of preparing them. One example is given below.
1.Lemon water: Mix sugar in water —> Add lemon juice -4 Strain it —>Lemon water is ready
2.Fruit salad: Chop some fruits in small pieces -> Sprinkle salt, sugar and chaat masala -4 Fruit chaat is ready
3.Lassi: Take one cup curd -4 Add sugar —> Add crushed ice —>Mix well using a mixer —> Lassi is ready.


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