NCERT Solutions for class 3 Mathematics Chapter-14 Rupees and Paise

We provided NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise is prepared by the best teachers across India. These NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise Solution includes detailed answers of all the questions in Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise provided in NCERT Book which is prescribed for Class 3 in CBSE school Books. This will help students to understand basic concepts better.

CBSE NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise Solutions

Organisation National Council of Educational Research and Training
Class Name 3rd Class
Subject Name Maths
Chapter Name Chapter 14
Content name Rupees and Paise
Category Name CBSE NCERT Solutions
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NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise Solution is given below

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A.Without using a pencil or paper, find out the cost of:
•One ball and one toy car Rs 22
•One notebook and two pencils Rs 10
•Two bananas and a glass of milk Rs 6.50
•One doll and a ball Rs 15
•One glass of is lemon juice and a packet of biscuits Rs 7.50
B.Find the total cost of:
•One toy giraffe, one copy and a glass of lemon juice Rs 14.50
•One glass of milk, one packet of biscuits and a banana Rs 9.50
•One notebook, two pencils and two erasers Rs 12
•Two tops, three toffees and two bananas Rs 8.50
C. What can you buy, if you have a twenty rupee note?
•1 toy car, 1 lemon juice, 1 banana
•1 ball, 1 doll, 1 glass milk
•1 toy car, 1 packet of biscuits, 1 toffee
•1 toy car, 1 toy giraffe, 1 glass milk
D.You need to make a cash memo for the things you bought. Before adding, first
guess how much money will be needed. Then find the total and check your guess.
Monu prepared the following cash memos:
Check the cash memos and correct them if you find a mistake.
Ans. Correct memos are given as follows:
E.If you have 30 rupees with you. Find out how much money will be left after buying the following items:

1.One hall, one doll and one toy giraffe.
Ans.Price of one ball = Rs 7.00
Price of one doll = Rs 8.00
Price of one toy giraffe = Rs 6.50
So, total cost = Rs7.00 + Rs 8.00 + Rs 6.50 = Rs 21.50
Money left = Total money – money spent
= Rs 30.0021. 50 = Rs 8.50

2.Two bananas, one pack of biscuits and two glasses of lemon juice.
Ans. Price of 1 banana = Rs 1.50
So, price of 2 bananas = 1.50 x2=Rs 3.00
Price of one pack of biscuit = Rs 4.50
Price of one glass lemon juice = Rs 3.00
So, price of two glasses of lemon juice = 3.00 x2 = Rs 6.00
Total cost = Rs 3.00 + Rs 4.50 + Rs 6.00 = 13.50
Money left = Total money – Money spent = Rs 30.00 – Rs 13.50 = Rs 16.50

3.Three notebooks, two pencils and two erasers.
Ans. Price of 1 notebook =Rs 5.00
So, price of 3 notebooks =Rs 5.00 x 3 = Rs 15.00
Price of 1 pencil =Rs 2.50
So, price of 2 pencils = Rs 2.50 x 2 = Rs 5.00
Price of 1 eraser = Rs 1.00
So, price of 2 erasers = Rs 1.00 x 2 = Rs 2.00
Total cost= Rs 15.00 + Rs 5.00 + Rs 2.00 = Rs 22.00

Practice Time
A.Three friends wanted to buy a cricket bat and ball. Bina had Rs 48.50, Raman had Rs 55.50 and Venu had Rs 38.00. How much money did they have in all?
Ans. They had X 142.00 in all.

B. Hari booked a railway ticket for Rs 62.50. He gave a 100 rupee note. How much money will he get back with the ticket?

C. Gita and her friend went shopping. She bought things for Rs 58, Rs 37 and Rs 22. Gita had a hundred rupee note. How much money should she borrow from her friend to pay the bill?
Ans. Gita needs to pay the following amount:
Now she needs to borrow following amount:

Train Journey
This train goes from New Jalpaiguri to Guwahati. On its way, it stops at New Mai, Alipurduar and Goalpara stations.
The cost of a rail ticket to different stations is given in the table.
Find The Distance
(а)From New Mai to Guwahati 495 km – 57 km = 438 km
(b)Between New Mai and Goalpara 666 km – 57 km = 309 km
(c)From Alipurduar to Guwahati 495 km – 175 km = 320 km
(d)Between New Mai and Alipurduar 175 km – 57 km = 118 km
(e)From Goalpara to Guwahati 495 km – 366 km = 129 km

Find The Cost of Tickets
(a) Bhupen is going from New Jalpaiguri to Alipurduar. What is the cost of his ticket?
Ans.Rs 28.00
(b) Indra has to go from New Jalpaigurei to Goalpara. How much does she pay for the ticket?
Ans. Rs 49.50
(c) Debu, Shoma and Gobind are goind from New Jalpaiguri to New Mai. What amount will they pay for three tickets? They gjve aRs 50 note for the tickets. How much money will they get back?
Ans. Cost of 1 ticket from New Jalpaiguri to New Mall =Rs 12.50 So, cost of three tickets = Rs 12.50 x 3 = 37.50 Money given – Money spent = Money got back or, Rs 50 – Rs37,50 = Rs 12. 50 They will get back Rs 12.50.