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NCERT Solutions for class 3 Maths Chapter-3 Give and Take

We provided NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths Chapter 3 Give and Take is prepared by the best teachers across India. These NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 3 Give and Take Solution includes detailed answers of all the questions in Chapter 3 Give and Take provided in NCERT Book which is prescribed for Class 3 in CBSE school Books. This will help students to understand basic concepts better.

CBSE NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 3 Give and Take Solutions

Organisation National Council of Educational Research and Training
Class Name 3rd Class
Subject Name Maths
Chapter Name Chapter 3
Content name Give and Take
Category Name CBSE NCERT Solutions
Official Website

NCERT 3rd Class Maths Chapter 3 Give and Take Solution is given below

1.Try these on Kittu’s Home.
(a)10 less than 34 is———– (b) 53 – 20 =———–
(c) 11 more than 31 is ———– (d) 11 less than 66 is———–
(e) 62 + 13 =———– (f) 23 less than 89 is———–
(g) 10 and 40 more is———– (h) 9 added to 28 gives———–
(i)The sum of 9 and 44 is———– (j) Reducing 98 by 34 gives———–
(k) 4 and 37 more is———–  (l) Take 35 away from 83. We get———–
Ans. (a)24 (b)33 (c)42 (d)55 (e)75 (f)66 (g)50 (h)37 (i)53 (j)64 (k)41 (l)48

How Many Bulbs?
1.A shopkeeper Rafi had 153 candles. Paras gave him 237 more candles. How many candles does Rafi have now?

(A)A train compartment is carrying 132 people. Another compartment is carry¬ing 129 people. In all, how many people are there in both the compartments?

Thus, there are 261 people in all.
(B) Shanu found 138 pebbles. Karim found 44 pebbles. How many pebbles did they find in all?

Thus, total number of pebbles are 182.
(C) A teacher kept a note of which fruits students like in her school. This is .what she found:

Find out:
(a) How many students in the school like oranges?
(b) How many students in the school like mangoes?
(c) Altogether, how many students are there in the school?
(d) Is the number of girls more than 350 or less than 350?
Ans. On completing the table, we have

(a)Number of students who like oranges = 136 + 128 = 264
(b)Number of students who like mangoes = 240 + 243 = 483
(c)Number of students in the school = 376 + 371 = 747
(d)Number of girls = 136 + 240 = 376 which is’more than 350.

Practice Time

Mind Train Game
1.Work out four different ways to write the numbers. If you add all the numbers in the first box, you will always get 59.


Can you solve this puzzle? Write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the circles, so that the sum of the numbers on each side of the figure is 12.

2.Find Mithoo’s bag.
Do all the sums mentally.
(a)75 + 20 = 95 (b) 90 + 60 = 150
(c)25 + 30 + 3 ——– (d) 9 + 40 + 31 ——–
(e)500 + 200——– (f) 400 + 350 ——–
(8)670 + 120——– (h) 380 + 210——–
(i)205 + 650 ——– (j) 128 + 600 ——–
(k)150 + 69 ——– (l) 37 + 46 + 3——–
Find Mithoo’s bag and check your answers. Draw a line through the numbers which are answers written in the boxes above.

Ans. (c) 58 (d) 80 (e) 700 (/) 750 (g) 790 (h) 590 (i) 855 (j) 728 (k) 219 (l) 86.

Card Game
1.You can also play it. Here are the cards for you. Work out the combination. Place the cards in the right boxes.



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