Peyush Bansal Net Worth: Age, Wife, Family, House, Height

This post includes Peyush Bansal’s biography, net worth, early life, career, family, and other information. Everyone is familiar with Peyush Bansal from the business reality television series Shark Tank India Season 1. He co-founded Lenksart and serves as its chief executive officer (CEO). If you wish to learn more about the Indian businessman Peyush Bansal, please read this article to its conclusion.

Peyush Bansal Biography

Peyush Bansal is a well-known Indian entrepreneur and businessman. He is the owner of Lenskart, an Indian multinational optical prescription eyewear retail store. Peyush Bansal was born in New Delhi, India, on April 26, 1985. He was born and raised in a family of average means. In India, he completed his education at the Don Bosco School in New Delhi. Then, he traveled to Canada for his graduation. His Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering is from McGill University in Canada. Afterward, he returned to India to complete his graduate studies. He earned a master’s degree in MPEFB from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore.

Lenskart was co-founded by Peyush Bansal, Sumeet Kapathi, and Amit Chaudhary in the year 2010, twelve years prior. As of 2020, Lenskart reportedly has over 990 stores in more than 46 cities throughout India. The manufacturing unit in New Delhi, India’s capital, produces approximately five billion eyeglasses per month. Now, the company is constructing its automated megaunit in Rajasthan. The megaunit will produce approximately five billion eyeglasses annually.

Peyush Bansal Net Worth

Due to his fan base, Peyush recently revealed that he was reconsidering his return to Season 2 of the show. He stated, “The only reason I was hesitant to return was because there are too many fans. I firmly believe that “all glory is transient” and never desired a life like this. I desire a normal life for myself and my 2.5-year-old son. However, the spark that I see in people’s eyes finally convinced me to give in.”

Peyush Bansal Biography
 Name Peyush Bansal
Profession Entrepreneur and Businessman
Father’s Name Bal Kishan Bansal
Mother’ Name Kiran Bansal
Date of Birth 26th April 1985
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Hometown New Delhi, India
Spouse Nimisha Bansal
Age 37 years (as of 2022)
Weight 78 kilograms
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Siblings Neha Bansal and one Elder Brother
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Children Son
Net Worth $80 million

Who exactly is Peyush Bansal?

Peyush Bansal is a leading businessman in India. In addition to graduating from McGill University and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, he was born into a middle-class family in Delhi and grew up there. He was born in New Delhi, India, on April 26, 1985. In 2007, following his graduation, Peyush began working as a Program Manager for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, where he focused on enhancing the customer experience. He worked for approximately one year at Microsoft before resigning and returning to India. Peyush’s decision to leave a stable job is a big step and shocking news for his friends and family, but he did it.

The ventures of Peyush Bansal

After returning to India, he launched numerous start-ups and earned a management certificate in entrepreneurship from IIM Bangalore. His other startups, including search My Campus, were unsuccessful, and in 2010, Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kaphai launched Lenskart, an online contact lenses retailer. Lenskart became a unicorn in 2019 after selling eyeglasses and sunglasses within a year of the company’s expansion.

Additionally, Softbank, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, invests in the company. Lenskart has approximately 600 retail locations in India’s 450 cities, and approximately 4000 employees. Among Peyush’s accomplishments is the 2013 Red Herring top 100 Asia Award. The company has established itself as one of the nation’s leading eyewear brands. In 2017, the Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was appointed as the company Lenskart’s brand ambassador.

Peyush Bansal Net Worth

According to some estimates, Peyush Bansal, an Indian entrepreneur and businessman, has a net worth of approximately $80 million. In addition, the Indian multinational corporation Lenskart has invested in multiple Peeush Bansal eyewear startups. This consists of John Jacobs (2015), Lenskart Plus (2020), Aqualens (2019), and Lenskart Vision Fund (2015). (2020).

In December 2021, Bansal appeared on the first season of the Indian business reality show Shark Tank India. The Indian adaptation of the American television program Shark Tank.

Early Peyush Bansal Life

After graduating in 2007, Peyush Bansal began working as a Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. After a year, he resigned his position and returned to India to pursue postgraduate studies. Peyush desired to start his own business. After returning to India, he began exploring various business opportunities. Before Lenskart, he founded several businesses or startups.

Peyush Bansal Profession

After leaving his position as a Program Manager, Peyush founded several new businesses. In 2007, he launched SearchMyCampus, a campus classifieds website. Through the SearchMyCampus portal, students from various colleges and universities can connect with providers of a variety of services, including internships, books, transportation, part-time jobs, and housing.

Subsequently, Peyush Bansal launched a number of relatively successful business ventures. He then co-founded Lenskart with Sumeet Kapathi and Amit Chaudhary in 2010. First, the business sold only contact lenses. The company began selling sunglasses and eyeglasses within a year. His company, Lenskart, became a unicorn in 2019 with $1.5 billion in net assets. A unicorn is a privately funded startup valued at over $1 billion.

Peyush Bansal Family

Peyush Bansal grew up in a Hindu household. Bal Kishan Bansal is his father, while Kiran Bansal is his mother. He has an older brother whose identity is currently unknown and a sister named Neha Bansal. Peyush is currently married. His wife’s name is Nimisha Bansal, and they have a son who is older than two years. The name of his son has not yet been revealed.

Additional intriguing details about Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal is enthusiastic about human capital, financial relations, and organizational development, and he enjoys watching films, traveling, and playing football. Bansal’s role model is Bill Gates. He improved his business by focusing on college students and advertising. Lenskart has opened retail locations throughout India.

Shark Tank India Peyush Bansal

Peyush Bansal is one of the investors, or “Sharks,” on the Indian version of the business reality show Shark Tank. As a result of her appearance on the reality show Shark Tank India, he gains more notoriety. He is one of the six sharks evaluating new business pitches and ideas presented on the show. This program is based on the concept of Shark Tank America and is a business-related reality program.

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Who exactly is Peyush Bansal?

Peyush Bansal is the co-founder and CEO of Lenskart, a leading eyewear brand.

Ques. Where is Peyush Bansal’s residence?

Peyush Bansal resides in India’s New Delhi.

Ques. Peyush Bansal is married, yes.

Ans. He is married, yes.