20 Best Putlocker Alternatives Sites 2023 (100% Free & Safe)

This article provides a list of the top Putlocker alternatives for online streaming. There are both free and premium streaming services on the list.

Putlocker was the most popular platform for streaming free movies and television shows. After this service was discontinued, its users began searching for alternatives. Even though there are dozens of websites that offer free streaming, not all of them are as good as Putlocker.

Before compiling this list, we evaluated a number of such websites. I hope you find this post to be helpful.

What exactly is Putlocker?

Putlocker is the collective name for a number of websites that stream movies and television programs. All Putlocker websites feature the name Putlocker with various domain extensions.

In 2010-2011, the site originated in the United Kingdom. After Megaupload’s closure, the site began receiving millions of users from around the globe within a short period of time.

Putlocker was one of the leading websites in the world. According to Alexa, Putlocker is among the top 250 websites.

The website was banned and blocked by British authorities in response to a court order for copyright violations.

History of Putlocker’s Official Website

Following the deactivation of the original Putlocker website, the streaming service has altered its web address numerous times.

Numerous websites containing the term “Putlocker” continued to be blocked, causing their owners to continually switch to new domains. putlocker.is, putlocker.ch, putlocker.rs, putlocker.com, putlocker.ac, putlocker.io, and putlocker.today are some of the popular websites that Putlocker operates.

Due to Putlockers’s popularity, dozens of clone or mirror websites have emerged, and many of them are still operational.

It is unknown whether the original Putlocker owners continue to operate and maintain a clone. Putlocker has nonetheless become synonymous with website streaming.

Is Putlocker site still available?

As previously stated, there are dozens of mirror sites operating under the name Putlocker. However, it remains uncertain whether the original website is still operational.

In fact, one of the Putlocker alternatives I list in this article could just as easily be Putlocker itself. However, no evidence exists, and it is unknown whether the official Putlocker website is still accessible.

Is Putlocker authorized and secure?

Following a High Court order, the original Putlocker website was shut down by British authorities. The website has been identified as one of the most significant piracy threats. Therefore, the website is clearly illegal, at least according to the United Kingdom’s highest court.

Putlocker and similar websites provide free content. They generate revenue from advertisements. Due to the questionable legality of these websites, they may also be unsafe. The majority of these sites employ numerous pop-up advertisements, which may redirect you to spam sites or cause malware to be downloaded onto your device if you click on them.

Fake Putlocker Websites

There have been multiple reports of fake Putlocker websites. These websites are known to redirect users to other malicious websites that ultimately install malware on the user’s device or steal personal information.

You should be cautious if you visit a website that resembles Putlockers. Visit a website only when you are certain.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker Alternatives

This section will discuss both legal and free streaming websites, such as Putlocker. I strongly advise you to use legal websites or streaming services that hold the content’s copyrights or distribution rights. While observing from these locations, you will not need to worry about your safety.

Let’s begin with superior legal websites. You will find a list of free legal sites and free third-party sites, such as Putlocker, below.

Premium Movie Streaming Websites Will Replace Putlocker

Let me begin by discussing the pros and cons of authorized/legal websites and streaming services for viewing content.


  • You are secure when viewing from these websites
  • You need not worry about government monitoring or ISP blocking
  • Numerous legal services permit streaming in 4K resolution.
  • You need not be concerned about downloading malware, viruses, etc.


  • Usually requires a paid subscription
  • You may need multiple subscriptions to access all the content you desire.
  • Here are the top five legal alternatives to Putlocker:

1. Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video is currently one of the most popular streaming services available. Similarly to Putlocker, you can log into this service’s online portal with your Prime account and stream content in a web browser. Amazon Prime includes apps for mobile and television devices.

There are numerous Originals on Prime, such as Fleabag, Jack Ryan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In addition to the Originals, it has a vast collection of films, television series, documentaries, sports programs, children’s content, and more.

Amazon Prime is without question one of the best streaming services available.

Website link – https://www.primevideo.com/

2. Netflix

Netflix is a name that needs no introduction among the best websites like Putlocker. This streaming giant has existed for over twenty years. Netflix is the largest media distribution platform in the world, with over 150 million subscribers.

Netflix has the most Original content of any streaming service. In addition, it offers an extensive collection of films, television shows, documentaries, and much more. Despite the fact that Netflix does not offer all content in all regions due to copyright restrictions, it is simple to unblock Netflix with a VPN.

If you are looking for a legal alternative to Putlocker, Netflix may be your best option.

Site link – https://www.netflix.com/

3. Disney+

Disney+ (or Disney Plus) is a relatively new streaming service. It was introduced in November 2019 and is currently only available in a few countries.

This platform began with numerous original works. It also has exclusive streaming rights for Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars content.

Even though Disney+ is relatively new, it has already become a sensation in the entertainment industry.

Website – https://www.disneyplus.com/

4. Hulu

Hulu is an extremely popular streaming service in the United States. Few are aware that, like Disney+, Hulu is also owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Hulu offers an abundance of on-demand content, including movies, television shows, and documentaries. It is also well-known for its Originals, including The Handmaid’s Tale.

Additionally, Hulu offers a Live TV service for an additional subscription fee.

Site link – https://www.hulu.com/welcome

5. Vudu

Vudu is a content delivery company owned by Walmart that rents out digital copies of movies and television shows online. While the other services on this list are subscription-based, Vudu requires you to pay a monthly fee or purchase the movie or TV season.

Vudu allows you to rent individual episodes without purchasing the entire season or show. It has nearly all the movies and television shows you could ever want to see.

Website link – https://www.vudu.com/

Free Legal websites Like Putlocker

There are also some free and legal streaming sites that can serve as viable alternatives to Putlocker. The majority of these sites are supported by advertisements, which is how they generate revenue. The following is the list.

1. Popcornflix

While the other legal streaming services on this list require a subscription fee, PopcornFlix is a completely free website for watching movies. It is an advertisement-supported streaming platform.

This website features primarily films and television programs produced by independent production companies. This site may not contain the most popular content. Nevertheless, there are some intriguing streaming options to investigate.

Popcornflix does not require any signup or login. You can commence immediately.

Website URL – https://www.popcornflix.com

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming website that is currently accessible in the United States, Canada, and a few European countries. This platform provides both Live TV and on-demand content, including Movies and Television Shows.

Pluto TV has partnered with over seventy content providers from which it licenses its content. Pluto TV is one of the largest ad-supported streaming platforms, with over 20 million unique monthly users.

Website link – https://pluto.tv/

3. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is a great website for those who enjoy watching independent and documentary films. This streaming service provides an extensive selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning content.

You can view the majority of content without registering. Snagflims is entirely free and is supported by advertisements. It currently streams over 5000 movie titles.

Snagfilms is an excellent alternative to Putlocker if you’re looking for free and legal streaming, in my opinion.

Website – https://www.snagfilms.com/

4. Crackle

Crackle is a well-known name in the streaming industry for its free legal movie website. Crackle, which is owned by Sony, allows users to watch free TV shows and movies. The company generates revenue from advertisements that occasionally appear between the videos.

The company provides both Originals and licensed content from other providers.

Crackle is an excellent platform for viewing classic television and film. However, it also contains some new material.

Website – https://www.crackle.com/

5. Tubi TV

free movie websitesTubi TV is a free website for streaming movies and television programs. It currently offers more than 15,000 movies and television shows.

This streaming service has over 20 million users per month. It has licensed content from Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate, and Universal Pictures, among others.

Tubi TV is an advertisement-supported service with multiple commercial breaks interspersed throughout video playback.

You can view videos without registering. If you have an account, however, you can synchronize your streaming data across multiple devices.

Site URL – https://tubitv.com/

NOTE: The following section of the article discusses piracy websites similar to Putlocker that offer free movies. I am providing this list as a resource for information. We (careerswave.in) do not approve of copyright violations. Please exercise sound judgment and comply with local laws.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes only. This website does not own, host, operate, resell, or distribute any streaming apps, addons, IPTV, or services. There are unconfirmed services on this page, and we cannot confirm whether or not they are authorized to distribute the content. careerswave.in does not confirm the legality of each application or service in all regions. Perform due diligence before using any unverified apps or services, and only stream content that is in the public domain. The end-user is solely responsible for the media he or she accesses.

Free Putlocker Alternatives

This section will discuss the free movie websites comparable to Putlocker. These websites are known to be pirate sites and are likely to illegally stream unlicensed content. Streaming from these websites may result in unwanted complications. Since the government shut down Putlocker, these websites may be next in line.

Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of using free streaming websites.


  • Virtually all content accessible through a single website
  • There is no need to visit separate services
  • These websites are free and require no membership fees.
  • Most websites offer high-quality streaming (up to 1080p)


  • Streaming from these websites may result in legal repercussions
  • These websites may infect your device by downloading malware or malicious programs invisibly.
  • They might steal your personal data.

How to safely access Putlocker websites

We do not encourage copyright violations. We strongly suggest that you stream content through legal streaming websites. Let me show you how to stream safely from websites like Putlocker if you insist on doing so.

It is strongly advised that you utilize a VPN when streaming from free sites. A VPN will secure your connection, mask your IP address, and protect you from government surveillance, ISP tracking, and even hackers.

Additionally, some of these websites are geo-blocked in certain countries. Therefore, you must use a VPN to access them.

I use and recommend ExpressVPN myself. It is both the most secure and fastest VPN available for purchase. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you ample time to evaluate its services. You can also receive a 49% discount (three free months) on annual plans.

Allow me to demonstrate how to get started with ExpressVPN in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: GET HERE to subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device by clicking HERE.
  • Open the ExpressVPN application and tap the Power icon to connect to a VPN server.

1. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is one of the most visited free movie and television show websites. Even though the interface is not identical to Putlocker, the website provides a nearly identical streaming experience.

This website provides a comprehensive selection of movies and television shows, including both new and older titles and episodes.

You can view the content for free if you do not mind the numerous advertisements and pop-ups. To avoid advertisements, however, you can subscribe to Soap2Day VIP.

Soap2Day has a clean, uncluttered interface with easily selectable genres and categories. The site also contains limited sports-related content.

  • Paid access without advertising
  • HD-Streaming
  • Subtitles
  • Access without registration
  • There are no required payment details for the free version.

Website – https://soap2day.com/

2. FMovies

similar free movie website to Putlocker

FMovies is a prominent name among free online streaming websites. It has a vast collection of movies and television shows. The website continually updates its content whenever new videos become available.

FMovies’ homepage features a large search bar. You can use it to search for any movie or television show. You can explore various categories, including Trending, TV Shows, Movies, Episodes, and Top IMDB, using the menu bar at the top.

FMovies provides HD streaming. Thankfully, there are few advertisements. The website provides a generally satisfactory streaming experience.


  • Subtitles / Caption Closed
  • Registration not required
  • No credit card necessary
  • HD streams without an account
  • 4K streams with free account signup
  • Autoplay following

Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Costume, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Game-Show, History, Horror, Kung-Fu, Music, Mystery, Reality-TV, Romance, Science-Fiction, Sport, Thriller, Television Show, War, Western.

Website link – https://fmovies.to/

3. Putlocker.vip

This website’s name and logo are identical to those of the original Putlocker website. Therefore, there is a reasonable possibility that this is the official Putlocker website after all. However, we cannot state this with certainty.

You can begin by selecting the streaming options from the top menu bar. There are options for Genre, Country, Films, Television Series, Top IMBD, and News.

The design of this Putlocker website has been updated. However, if you prefer the previous design, you can switch to it with a single click.

The Putlocker website contains every popular title and program imaginable. However, you should anticipate frequent advertisements and pop-ups.


  • Access without registration
  • No credit card necessary
  • Closed Captioning / Subtitling
  • Automatically Play Next
  • Multiple servers

Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, Television Program, War

Website link – https://putlocker.vip/

4. 123Movies

website with putlocker movies

123Movies is a widely-used web-based streaming service. It has existed for quite some time. Similarly to Putlocker, this service has changed domains numerous times.

Whether you are looking for Movies or Television Shows, you will find everything you need here. The website features the most recent film releases and television episodes.

The homepage of 123Movies is effectively organized. The content is organized into numerous applicable categories. It also has a top-level navigation bar with options such as Home, Browse, Genres, Countries, Years, etc.

When you select a movie or episode, the website will select the optimal playback link. It will also list multiple streaming links if you prefer to make your own selection.

Although 123Movies is supported by advertisements, commercials and pop-ups do not appear frequently. Consequently, I believe it to be a respectable Putlocker alternative.


  • Registration not required
  • No credit card necessary
  • HD quality

Genre – Action, Adventure, Sport, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, Western, Anime, Animation, Music, Romance, War, Kung Fu, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Biography, Mystery, Musical, Historical, School, TV Shows, Anime Series, Asian Dramas

Website – http://wvw1.123movies.net/

5. Films Joy

putlockerThis is another well-designed free website for streaming movies and television shows. The website’s homepage displays the most popular and trending films by default. You can easily navigate to TV Shows with one click.

The website’s navigation bar allows you to filter and sort content by Genre, Country, and Movies & TV Shows. Additionally, you can search for specific content using the search function.

Movies Joy is ad-supported and free. Some popups appeared suspicious. Avoid clicking on any advertisements.


  • Generally HD quality
  • Participate without registering
  • No payment details required
  • Subtitles

Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Documentary, Fantasy, Family, Horror, History, Music, Mystery, Kids, News, Romance, Reality, Science Fiction, and War are examples of genres.

Site link – https://www1.moviesjoy.net/

6. Yes Movies

Yesmovies website to replace Putlocker

If you are still looking for an alternative to PutLocker, YesMovies.ag is a site you can try. This website is well-designed and contains every movie or television show imaginable.

The site’s design is fairly straightforward. You can select the most popular articles directly from the homepage. You can search by categories and genres if you wish to discover more. Additionally, you can use the search function to locate something specific.

Additionally, you can download videos to your device from the website.

YesMovies supports streaming in HD and 4K. However, you must sign up for a free account to stream in 4K.


  • Available without registration
  • No cc required
  • Download capability available
  • 4K quality with a free account signup
  • Autoplay following

Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, Television Program, War

Website – https://yesmovies.ag/

7. AZMovies

the best Putlocker site

AZMovies is primarily a website for streaming films. On the homepage of this website, there are several movie-related sections. You can browse various categories, including Featured, Year, All Movies, Genre, etc.

AZMovies could be a great alternative to putlockers for those who are more interested in movies.


  • HD quality
  • No registration required
  • No credit card is required

Action, Adventure, Animation, Bio, Comedy, Crime, Drama, and Family are genres.
War, Fantasy, History, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, and Thriller.

Website – https://azm.to/

8. Watch Online Series

This is an additional alternative to Putlocker that you should consider. As the name suggests, this website only contains television programs. From the most recent episodes to older series, Watch Online Series has it all. The new content is frequently updated.

Watch Online Series has an uncomplicated interface. You can immediately begin streaming content. The homepage features highlighted content. You can explore additional categories, including TV Miniseries, New TV Shows, and others.

You can also select from a variety of genres, such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, etc.

Watch Online Series is supported by advertisements. Therefore, you will occasionally encounter pop-up advertisements.


  • Available without registration
  • No credit card necessary
  • High-definition streams
  • Action, Adventure, Biography, and Animated
  • Website – https://watchtvseries.io/

9. Popcorn Period

Putlocker substitutePopcorn Time is a popular streaming service and one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. However, the site does not support browser-based streaming; their app is available for multiple devices. The Popcorn Time app is available for Windows, macOS, Android TV, and Android smartphones, according to its website.

Popcorn Time utilizes BitTorrent to stream free movies and television shows. According to the information available on the site’s homepage, the Popcorn Time application uses sequential downloading to stream video from multiple torrent websites, and third-party trackers can be manually added.

Website – https://popcorntime.sh/

10. Solar Movies

Even though the name of the website only contains the word’movies,’ you can find all of the most popular TV shows here.

The website’s layout is clean and intuitive. The recommended content appears at the top of the website’s primary body. As you scroll down, you will also find the featured films and television shows.

On the homepage, you can select genres such as Action, Thriller, Romance, and Country, among others. Using the search function, you can look for a specific topic.

The website is supported by ads. There are thankfully not too many annoying pop-ups to contend with.


  • Download function
  • HD streaming resolution
  • Play without creating an account.
  • No cc details required

Action, Mystery, Romance, Psychological, Sitcom, Sport, War, Kung-Fu, History, Adventure, Crime, Animation, Documentary, Fantasy, Drama, Musical, Biopic.

Site – https://www.solarmovie.one


So, here is a list of the best alternatives to Putlocker. Before compiling this list, we examined dozens of free movie websites, as stated in the introduction. However, if you believe we missed a good website, please let us know in the section below.