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RBI Repo Rate Notification 2022

Shri Shaktikanta Das, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, has announced that the Policy Repo Rate will continue at 4%, while the Marginal Standing Facility and Bank Rate will continue at 4.25 percent.

The Reverse Repo Rate, at 3.35 percent, will also remain unchanged. He stated that the Monetary Policy Committee believes that policy support from all sides is necessary to regain growth momentum and foster recovery once it has taken root.

“As a result, the policy rate has remained unchanged, and the accommodation stance has been decided to be maintained for as long as it is necessary to revive and sustain growth while ensuring inflation remains within target,” the Governor said while delivering the RBI’s bi-monthly monetary policy statement via an online address.

RBI Repo Rate 2022 Notification

According to the Governor, Real GDP growth is expected to be 9.5 percent in 2022-22, according to the RBI. He explained his reasoning by stating that, unlike the first wave, the second wave’s impact on economic activity is projected to be largely controlled, with mobility limitations being regionalized and nuanced.

The Governor also announced a package of new measures aimed at recovering the economy and minimizing the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave.

  • On-Tap Liquidity Window for Contact-Intensive Industries: A separate liquidity window of Rs. 15,000 crore is being established at the repo rate till March 31, 2022, with tenures of up to three years.

Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, aviation ancillary services, and other services such as private bus operators, rent-a-car service providers, event organizers, spa clinics, beauty parlors, and saloons can all benefit from this plan.

  • SIDBI has been granted a Special Liquidity Facility of Rs. 16,000 crore for on-lending / refinancing through unique models and structures at Repo Rate for up to a year. This aims to help MSMEs, particularly those in credit-deficient and aspirational areas, meet their loan needs.
  • Expansion of borrowers’ coverage under Stress Resolution Framework 2.0 by raising the maximum aggregate exposure threshold for MSMEs, non-MSME small enterprises, and loans to individuals for business purposes from Rs. 25 crore to Rs. 50 crore.
  • Authorized Dealer banks have been given permission to place margins on behalf of FPI clients for transactions in government securities as part of the banks’ credit risk management strategy. Foreign Portfolio Investments will be able to operate more freely as a result of this, and doing business will be easier.
  • Certificates of Deposit are now available from regional rural banks (CDs)

Furthermore, subject to specific criteria, all CD issuers will be able to buy back their CDs before they mature. Liquidity management will be more flexible as a result of this.Effective August 1, 2022, the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) will be available on all days of the week (it is now only available on bank business days). NACH is a popular and widely used method of transferring direct benefits to a large number of recipients; this approach will improve consumer convenience.

RBI Repo Rate Notification

Download RBI Repo Rate Notification 2022 PDF – RBI Repo Rate 2022 free Download at rbidocs.rbi.org.in.

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