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Saamana epaper PDF: Saamana is daily Marathi Newspaper is one of best newspaper in India. We are updating Saamana Newspaper free download google Drive Link daily Morning.

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About Saamana epaper PDF | Saamana Marathi newspaper download

  • Type: Daily newspaper
  • Format: Broadsheet
  • Owner(S): Shiv Sena
  • Editor: Rashmi Thackeray
  • Associate Editor: Sanjay Raut
  • Political Alignment: Shiv Sena
  • Language: Marathi
  • Circulation: Maharashtra
  • Website:
  • Free Online Archives:

Saamana epaper pdf

Saamana (वस्तू मराठी) is a Marathi-language newspaper published in Maharashtra, India. The paper was launched on 23 January 1988 by Bal Thackeray, the founder of the Shiv Sena, a far-right political party in Maharashtra.

Saamana is a Marathi- Language Newspaper in Maharashtra. Bal Thackeray, The founder of the Shiv Sena, launched Saamana Newspaper on 23 January 1988. It has a Hindi version also named Dopahar Ka Saamana, Mainly known as Hindi Saamana. 

According to the Hindustan Times, Saamana played a “significant role during the 1992-93 riots”, and Thackeray was “not beyond publishing lies and exaggerating the extent of the violence indulged in by the opposing groups and inciting Shiv Sainiks to do their worst.

Bal Thackeray edited both newspapers until his death on 17 November 2012. To honour him, Thackeray’s son Uddhav Thackeray named him as the “founder-editor

Till 27th November 2019 the chief editor of both newspapers was Uddhav Thackeray, but as he was elected as Chief Minister designate he resigned for his position. Now the executive editor of marathi newspaper is Rashmi Thackeray and the resident editor of the Hindi newspaper is Anil Tiwari.

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Why should you read Saamana epaper pdf?

Saamana newspaper differentiates between news and opinionsMarathi news paper gives priority to areas of national concern & local issues. If you want to read whole newspaper it takes more time, you have to read it in smart way. By reading daily Saamana Marathi gradually your vocabulary & communication skills will improve.

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