“Totally wrong” F1 VSC message interfered in French GP F1

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According to Sergio Perez, who drives for Red Bull, he finished in third place at the Formula One French Grand Prix despite receiving a notification that was “completely wrong” about the conclusion of the virtual safety car.

During the closing moments of Sunday’s race at Paul Ricard, Perez and Mercedes’ George Russell were engaged in a heated competition for the third and final podium spot.

When Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo broke down at Turn 6 with four circuits to go, the race director made the decision to call for a late virtual safety car.

The Virtual Safety Car was turned off on lap 51 of 53, but Perez was thrown off by a misleading message from the FIA that told him racing would resume later than it actually did. As a result, Russell was able to pass Perez and take the third and final spot on the podium away from the Red Bull driver.

According to the standards that govern the virtual safety car times, the green flag is supposed to be flashed 10-15 seconds after the initial end message is provided. However, in this situation, it took about a minute for the flag to be presented.

Perez, who finished in fourth place on Sunday, remarked that “it was very terrible what happened with the virtual safety car” after the race.

“I was given the information that it was going to finish out of Turn 9, so I decided to go for it. However, it did not end. After then, I got a notification informing me that it was going to be over after Turn 12. And I was standing just a little bit too near to it.

“Totally wrong” F1 VSC message interfered in French GP F1 result

French GP F1

It would appear that George was in possession of different information, which allowed him to properly prepare for it [the restart].

To tell you the truth, it’s a damn pity that the virtual safety car messed with the outcome of the race. Despite the fact that it shouldn’t be the case, it was the case today.

“It [the announcement of VSC ending] was completely incorrect, there was something going on because it claimed it was going to end out of Turn 9, but it only ended out of Turn 12,” the player added. “It said it was going to end out of Turn 9 and it only ended out of Turn 12.”

Christian Horner, the team boss for Red Bull, thinks that Perez had the pace to hold off Russell during the final three circuits even without the VSC issue, and he wants to address it with the FIA so that he can better understand what happened.

Horner began his commentary by saying that “Checo suffered a little more this weekend with [tyre] degradation than we’ve seen in the past.”

“And what was frustrating for him was that there was an issue in race control with the safety car, the VSC, because they couldn’t turn it off, so they had to do a reset. ” “And what was frustrating for him was that there was an issue in race control with the safety car, the VSC.

Just now I had a conversation with him, and he mentioned that he was banging on his delta since he wasn’t getting the delta in his automobile.

“Either George anticipated it but was still within the delta, or the information given to the two automobiles was different. Either way, something went wrong.”

“We are going to have to investigate that further. Yes, it was aggravating because I believe he would have had the speed to beat him and finish on the podium twice.

Despite this, there are still crucial points up for grabs in both championships on today’s slate.