Reasons to Watch Dune: Part 2


The movie is based on Frank Herbert's book Dune and picks up where Part 1 left off. The movie takes place in a made-up world, but it deals with real issues like the human mind, the desire for power, and what real leadership is.

Imaginary World Rooted in Reality 

The picture never loses its hold or strives to be pompous.  The film is huge and authentic. The 2hr45 min film will keep you interested.

Never Falls Flat 

You don't want to miss what the people who made this movie have made. You live the movie, not just watch it. It's everything a movie should be. The pictures are almost poetic. It's Beautiful

Cinematic Experience 

Imagine the world's beauty and violence. Dune Part 1 gave more conversational punches and set the bar high, but Part 2's magnificent visuals and earth-shattering soundtrack deliver. 

Lives Up to the Expectations 

Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson give great performances, as do the rest of the group. Thanks to Denis, the Lisan-al-gaib, who led the group and staff so well.

Stellar Performances 

The filmmaking doesn't say sorry. The director stuck to his or her idea and told the story as it was meant to be told. It is clear that no changes were made to make it more appealing to the audience or more likely to make money. It's a great movie in every way; making money is just a bonus.