7 best Films directed by SS Rajamouli


A child from the Mahishmati kingdom is raised by people from different tribes until he learns of his princely lineage, his father's bravery on the battlefield, and a plan to remove the current ruler from power. 

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) - Netflix

In this epic story set in India before it became independent, a brave warrior goes on a dangerous journey and meets a determined British police officer who is loyal to the government. 

RRR (2022) - Netflix

Next in line to rule Mahishmati is Amarendra Baahubali. His life and relationships are in great danger when his foster brother Bhallaladeva plans to take the throne. 

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) - Netflix

A man who was killed comes back to life as a housefly and vows to get payback on the people who killed him. 

Eega (2012) - Netflix

Four hundred years after he died, a brave warrior comes back to life. He died trying to save both the princess and his country. Now he's back to face big problems and win back the love of the woman he lost. 

Magadheera (2009) - Aha Video 

A thief's life changes drastically when a little girl comes up to him and says he is her father. When a gang that wants to catch his double starts to chase him, it starts a chain of violent events that will change the course of his life. 

ikramarkudu (2006) - Prime Video 

People who had to leave Sri Lanka are being held captive in a port in Vizag by a well-known local thug. This story follows Chatrapathi's journey as he fights against this oppression and eventually finds his way back to his mother and brother, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. 

Chatrapathi (2005) - Hotstar