7 Best movies of S. Shankar (As director)


Enthiran (2010) 

Shankar's creative directorial brings to life a revolutionary tale of artificial intelligence and its implications, setting new standards in Indian cinema. 

Sivaji: The Boss (2007) 

Shankar blends action and social commentary to create an entertaining film about a man's fight against corruption.

Mudhalvan (1999) 

Shankar's directing masters political power and responsibility, creating a riveting drama with powerful performances.

Anniyan (2005) 

An exciting psychological thriller that keeps people on the edge of their seats, Shankar's Anniyan dives into the complicated mind of a person.

Jeans (1998) 

This visually stunning romantic play by Shankar shows off his storytelling skills by combining beautiful images with a touching story.  

Indian (1996) 

This vigilante drama, which deals with social problems through an interesting plot and strong acting, shows how good a director Shankar is.  

Nanban (2012) 

With Nanban, Shankar gives the coming-of-age genre a new look. He tells a touching story of friendship and growth with his usual style and polish.