7 Anime To Binge Watch This Weekend


True to It's Title

Anweshippin Kandethum by Darwin Kuriakose is a movie that stays very true to its name the whole time. The literal meaning of the title is "If you seek something, you will find it," and the story stays focused on what it "seeks" throughout its short length.

Direction Saves The Film

It's not the most original thriller, but it works because the direction and technical work are so good. The new director takes Jinu V. Abraham's careful script and adds a moody, edgy touch that makes it more memorable than just another police procedural.

Not As Thrilling

The ending or climax also seems a bit forced, and the Feluda reference—that the story now comes from a different era of suspense writing—becomes clearer at this point.

Deserves a Thumbs Up 

Because the people who made it are so clear. The goal of In Pursuit is to get rid of the extraneous and pointless thoughts that come with modern murder mysteries and make a movie that is both interesting and scary.

Debutant Filmmaker

Darwin Kuriakose uses a visual language similar to that in True Detective, and the story quickly takes us to the crowded but beautiful lanes of Chingavanam. Another interesting thing about this movie is how the new director works.

Worth Our Time

It's likely that the main idea or theme of this movie has been explored and felt in many other films in this (now-dead) genre, but Darwin Kuriakose's view is unique. The editing by Saiju Sreedharan is another great part of the experience.