Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review


How The Film Feels Like 

Do you know the feeling of watching a film, being engaged by it for the most part but still not feeling completely satisfied because you can clearly sense that the film had a lot more potential than it ended up tapping? 

All The Elements Are Right There 

A fascinating idea, an emotional backstory, some amusing ideas, and a tight screenplay that neatly houses all these elements. 

Concise Version of an Expansive Fantasy Novel 

The world and the myth around it deserved stronger and deeper exploration, instead of being simplified into bullet-point-like scenes or exposition-heavy monologues. 

Has Some Fun to Offer 

The idea at its center warrants a much edgier and more ambitious storytelling. We often see bloated films that have little to say but Bhairavkona’s predicament is the opposite: it has a lot of material to explore but sticks to basic treatment. 

After a Great Interval Twistthe back story of the village, its connection to mythology, and its dark secrets are revealed through a monologue, and the film doesn’t back on the myth or the magic of this place after that point. 

Wasted Opportunity 

The way this love story is dealt with is quite generic and feels like a wasted opportunity to actually play with perspectives and create some meaty drama.